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Housing Rules & Regulations Revisions

July 22, 2019 Dear Chairwoman Macker, Mayor Muldoon, Teton County Commissioners and Town Councilors, Thank you for considering updating some of the Housing Rules & Regulations that were adopted last summer. It has been slightly over a year since they were adopted, and keeping these rules and regulations evolving with additional data and consideration is […]

Jackson Hole Working: Do Not Bundle SPET Projects

June 24, 2019 Dear Chairwoman Macker, Mayor Muldoon, Teton County Commissioners and Town Councilors, The Specific Purpose Excise Tax (SPET) has been a vital voter-driven tax in our community for almost 40 years. Since the 1980s, Teton County voters have approved: $42 Million for Education $35 Million for Hospital Infrastructure $39 Million for Town and […]

JHW Supports Text Amendment

Letter to Town Council dated March 17, 2017: Dear Jackson Town Council, Thank you for your continued work on behalf of the town and our community. We recognize that there are many challenges in front of you, particularly in regards to meeting housing and transportation needs, and we appreciate your vision and commitment to finding […]

Balanced Plan for Our Community

Major changes are afoot in our community, so let’s think it through and connect the economic dots. We want to come together as a community to create a balanced plan with a holistic vision, one that stays true to the hundreds of citizens who helped shape the 2012 Comp Plan. The downtown core is just […]

Local People, Local Faces

Local businesses add color and character to our small town. They are our friends, neighbors, and families, the backbone of our economic economy, who invest in our community, and enrich our daily lives. Their businesses provide sales tax that is the fuel for our town’s economic engine. Help support your friends and neighbors and take […]

Longer Commutes

The current proposal from the Jackson Town Council regarding land development regulations for Zone 2 Downtown Commercial will result in MORE cars on the road due to lengthened commutes caused by shifting workforce housing at a greater distance than on-site solutions. ‪#‎thinkaboutitjh‬