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Make your voice heard to our elected officials that you want to come together as a community to create a balanced plan with holistic vision, one that stays true to the thousands of citizens who helped shape the 2012 Comp Plan.

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  1. scott
    scott says:

    District 2 has taken a long time to proceed with incentives to redevelop underdeveloped sites. This process fell off the tracks when the need for more workforce housing became acute. This need for housing is cyclic and has been going on for decades in Jackson. We had 6-7 years where everything was in suspension private development, apartments jobs and businesses, then in 2014 things slowly started to come back. Now stores, restaurants and businesses are roaring back to life creating jobs and demand for housing. Everyone knew that this was about to occur but no one wished to take the risk after 2008-2014 so here we are with a deficit. Since the Town council has stepped back from the new zoning codes for District 2 they need to at a minimum bring back the PUD and PMUD which were the only tools for redevelopment from 1996 to 2007 that were used for new urbanism concepts. The millions of dollars to be used for public housing will not achieve the housing goal without private redevelopment help.


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